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Taipei Medical University Hospital is a nationally recognized health center that serves the community needs as well as those of global guests from every corner of the world.

We are dedicated to delivering the most advanced medical treatments available.  We are highly committed to our global development and research collaborations on all continents.  Our patient first focus is what makes us different and we invite you to experience it.



410medical professionals
212outsourcing staff



To improve the health by incorporating life-respecting, innovation and excellence in teaching, research, and clinical care.


To become an internationally renowned university hospital.

Taipei Medical University Hospital (TMUH), the first affiliated hospital of Taipei Medical University (TMU), was founded in 1976 and has built up the basis between clinical service and medical research education. TMUH continues enhancing medical care quality and reinforcing the hardware and software equipment to provide high-grade medical services. Since 2018, three medical buildings have been renovated; moreover, TMUH introduced an intelligent medical system that gives the hospital a whole new look. The number of hospital beds has increased to nearly 800 beds so far, and the number of faculty and staff has exceeded 2,000 people, making TMUH the benchmark of domestic and international medium-sized hospital.

Located near TMU campus, the university and the hospital unite as one. As a university hospital, the unchangeable core values and development priorities are: “Service, Education, and Research.” Focusing on holistic health care, holistic education, and holistic development, TMUH builds up complete medical services, cultivates talents in all fields, and intensifies basic and clinical research in order to deepen the value of research and innovation.

TMUH has been deeply involved in specialized medical care and research. Established ten hospital-level clinical medical centers, including cancer treatment, cell therapy, craniofacial surgery, reproductive medicine, pediatric oncology, and breast medicine, etc. Moreover, six fields of hospital-level medical research center has been developed, including geriatrics, child development, cancer research, thoracic medicine, big data and precision medicine. TMUH will also branch out to the long-term care industry in order to complete medical system from acute care, subacute care and chronic illness care to long-term care.

“Your Health, We Care” The medical team practices the main idea of holistic health care; we not only look after patients’ disease but also with their mental health. By combining the multidisciplinary professional team, the team is dedicated to the care of hemophilia, AIDS, cleft lip and cleft palate, pediatric tumor, pediatric cerebral palsy, dementia, and other severe and rare diseases and vulnerable groups. Meanwhile, the team pays attention to the patients’ hospice care. By accompany and listening to the patients and their families to their needs and showing empathy, we become their strongest backing.

To fulfilling social responsibilities, TMUH is actively promoting the construction of community health and going deep into the remote areas of Shiding to start the mobile medical care. A medial mission has been dispatching to the Kingdom of Eswatini, the diplomatic allies of Taiwan, for teaching, research, and medical services. During the COVID-19 period, TMUH immediately organized the “Taiwan We Go Team,” consisting of epidemic prevention and care experts, and visited the Kingdom of Eswatini twice to offer medical support.

TMUH is actively developing Advanced Cancer Treatment in the era of personalized medicine, including the Tsai Wan-Tsai Cancer building and Proton Therapy Center that opened in 2022. The TMUH Proton Therapy Center is ranked among the top 100 proton centers in the world. These two crucial constructions lead TMUH cancer medicine into a world-class field and step into a new milestone.

Tsai Wan-Tsai Cancer building is an essential base for the development of cancer medicine in TMUH. We provide cross-team cancer care resources, initiate innovative cancer medical treatment, and step toward a comprehensive cancer center. We integrate professional teams based on 15 cancer teams for tumor reproduction, tumor cardiology, tumor rehabilitation, tumor psychology, genetic counseling, etc. Meanwhile, the team focuses on precision medicine, genetic counseling, cell therapy, and other fields to strengthen our research ability in order to provide world-class and comprehensive treatment services for cancer patients, and strive to become one of the most important cancer centers worldwide.



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