Request an Appointment

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request an appointment with a physician?

Please send us a copy of your patient medical records and passport. The passport copy will give us the necessary information needed to make an appointment on your behalf and complete the registration as a new or first time patient at TMUH. We will then contact you with a confirmation before continuing on to make a reservation. 

Do you accept my health insurance?

Please provide your insurance provider's contact information (i.e. email or phone number). We will be sure to contact your provider as well as send you a list of insurance companies accepted by our hospital. If your company is not among the accepted list, you will need to pay out-of-pocket. If your insurance provider is among the list of collaborating companies, please send us a guarantee of payment letter from your insurance company to our email

When you arrive at the hospital, we will meet and accompany you throughout your entire appointment process. We take care of all the paperwork such as obtaining medical diagnosis certificates and a receipt to send to your insurance company. Your insurance company will be instructed to deposit the money directly into the TMUH bank account.

How much would my surgical procedure cost?

Please send us a copy of your medical records first. We will ask doctors to give us an estimate based on at least three cases similar to yours. If you need to apply for a visa, please notify us ASAP and we can help you arrange hotel accommodations and transportation (e.g. pick-up at airport). We provide a price range for your surgical procedure and will arrange a suitable doctor for you. If you require hotel recommendations, we will be happy to provide a list of hotels who offer a special price for travelers here for medical reasons.

I'm from the People's Republic of China (PRC). How do I apply for an International Medical Visa?

People from the PRC will need to send their Entry/Exit Permit and Taiwan Compatriot Pass first. You also need to remit your money around 6,000(the patient) NT dollars and the patient needs his family to take care of him and the family will be charged 1,000 NT dollars(per person) to TMUH bank account. Your situation needs to be evaluated by the doctor in Taipei Medical University Hospital first and the disease is corresponded to one of the important diseases of Ministry of Health and Welfare.