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Chun Ming Shih

Taipei Medical University Hospital (TMUH) was founded in 1976. With extreme efforts from hospital members lead by the Chairman, President and Superintendent, this hospital has expanded tremendously during the past years. Currently, TMUH has 4 medical buildings equipped with today's most advanced medical technology and machinery.
Taipei Medical University Hospital was not only built to serve patients, it has a calling; one that included a mission to teach and perform research. Patient centered medical service is the core value for all of our hospital staffs. In services provided to patients, our hospital will continue to recruit outstanding doctors and other medical staff; modify working environments accordingly in order to provide all services in an efficient and convenient manner. In order to improve medical quality and provide patient safety, protocols were established through international medical service survey and ISO protocols. All of these criterions will allow Taipei Medical University Hospital to become a friendlier and more convenient place for patients to relieve their pain.
Our goal as Taipei Medical University's main university-affiliated teaching hospital is to strengthen the qualifications of our entire medical faculty, provide adequate teaching resources, and encourage all our medical staff to be enthusiastic in educating our students. This educational structure will be accomplished by recruiting and providing training to resident doctors, intern doctors, nurses, and other medical staff members under the standards established by the "New Teaching Hospital Accreditation."
In research, we encourage all our medical staff to continue and further their education with either a Master or PhD degree, continue to promote combined research in the field of clinical and basic science, and provide rewards for journal publications and successful research grants.
I hope that all staff members of Taipei Medical University Hospital understand that they are doing an extraordinary job, and continue to provide excellent patient service as well as making great achievements in teaching and research. This will allow Taipei Medical University Hospital to become the sole preference in hospital selection for the patients, and thus naturally it would be an honor to all university staff, students and alumni.

Chun Ming Shih

"Patient centered medical service is the core value of all of our hospital staff."