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Aesthetic Medical Center

Located in Taipei’s prestigious international Xinyi 101 disctrict, TMUH Aesthetic Medical Clinic is aimed at providing patients “Healthy & Natural Beauty.” We are proud to assist not only the Asian community but also those from around the world, such as the US, Canada, and Europe, to regain glowing healthy skin.

Our center is comprised of professional dermatologists with international training experiences in the cosmetic medicine realm. We also have state of the art medical devices & techniques in laser & lights, non-surgical lifting, and is adamant in providing high quality cosmetic injectables imported from Europe & the US. We are widely recognized for our outstanding results for treating brown spots & scars,  wrinkles & skin laxity, facial& body sculpturing, and hair removal. In addition, our plastic surgeon team also provide great medical attention specifically for liposuction,breast reconstruction、eyelids & face lift surgeries. To provide an even more well rounded care, we have also developed a series of medical SPA treatments focusing on skin hydration & whitening,anti-aging & acne treatments.

Rest assured that the moment you are ready to take one step closer to refined beauty, our professional team will listen carefully to your needs, and arrange a custom made aesthetic plan accordingly. From the minute you step inside our center, our caring beauticians will work closely with our doctors,  and be there for you even till after the procedure, so you can feel at home in the classy surroundings.


Services & Treatments


  • Laser & Lights:
    BBL, Fraxel, Ultrashape, Pigment lasers, Laser hair removal, Medlight C6, Etherma Clean, eCO2, Er:YAG
  • Lifting & Tightening:
    Ultherapy, Thermage CPT
  • Cosmetic Injectables:
    Restylane & Juvederm, BOTOX, Radiesse, Lipotransfer
  • Medical SPA:
    Hydration & Repair, Whitening & Brightening, Anti-aging treatment, Peels & Pores
  • Surgeries & more:
    Liposuction, Piercing, Bromohidrosis surgery, Eyelid Surgery                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           2017.09.25