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Comprehensive Examination Center

In line with our hospital's belief of creating a high-quality, secure, and patient-based medical environment, the United Check-up Center provides 24/7 services throughout the year. We offer professional and patient-centered medical services by combining clinics, equipment, and human resources to achieve the following: lowered wait times for exams, improved quality of health check-ups and waiting rooms, and streamlined medical exams order. Our exam services include: stress-free endoscopic examination, transesophageal echo, RFA, 13C-endoscopic urea breath test, 4D echocardiography, 24/7 monitoring pediatric EEG inspection, etc.


Services & Treatments


  • Cardiac Function Examination Room
  • Neurology Examination Room
  • Ultrasonic Room
  • Endoscopy Room
  • Pulmonary Examination Room

Center Hours

  • Monday to Friday – 08:30-17:00
    Saturday – 08:30-12:00

Our Team

  • Chun-Yao Huang, M.D.        

    Wen-Chi Liu,RN            

    Jui-Hsiang Tang, M.D.        

    Chao-Shun Chan, M.D.       

    Ting-Chun Lin, M.D.         

    Yi-Han Lin, Chief Technician