Shy-Shin Chang M.D., PhD.

Family Medicine

-Molecular microbiology
-Obesity medicine and weight control
-Preventive Medicine and evidence-based medicine
-Emergency Medicine and critical medicine

-English/ Chinese


    -Molecular microbiology

    -Obesity medicine and weight control

    -Preventive Medicine and evidence-based medicine

    -Emergency Medicine and critical medicine


-The member of the association of family medicine of ROC, No. 3863

-The member of the society of emergency medicine, Taiwan, No. A269

-The member of the society of emergency and critical care medicine, Taiwan, No. 2880

-The member of American college of emergency physicians

-The member of the society of ultrasound in medicine of ROC, No.006533


-The member of the teaching and training committee, Taipei Association of Family Medicine

     -The member of the Food and Drug Administration, Taiwan


-2016 the Marquis Who’s Who Publication Board



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